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This is a blog full of happiness. Do not make it sad......the owner of this blog enjoys drawing and reading to just name a few but pandora hearts, mortal engines, young avengers, lord of the rings, the hobbit and anything else that takes there fancy will be posted here................


- Professionals

- Frat buds

- Children

I love you all! XD

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I love the idea of Homura and Sayaka. Not in a romantic way (whoops they hate each other) but like as intense rivals. (poor Sayaka would probably get her ass kicked though)

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I think we can all agree that Toph is the best. Case closed. 

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Transparent Chibi Kuroshitsuji

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& feel free to use~

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Fairy Tail voice actors drawing the characters they voice

Tsuji Shinpachi: Makarov Dreyar
Konishi Katsuyuki: Laxus Dreyar
Ono Ryoko: Mirajane Strauss
Sakurai Harumi: Lisanna Strauss
Kakihara Tetsuya: Natsu Dragneel
Mimori Suzuko: Hisui E. Fiore

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kaworu + smiling at shinji (´∀`)♡

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3/? fictional characters - Angel Dumott Schunard

"Today for you, tomorrow for me!"

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So only thing I really like about Evangelion is this ship. 

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I was going to have her in trousers

But she has the best legs

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Surreal Artworks by Akexander Rommel

This is the sort of art I’d love to one day have on my walls.

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  • Most Anime: Omg senpai, notice me!
  • Ouran: Senpai go away
  • Ouran: Senpai I am not your little girl
  • Ouran: Omg senpai stop
  • Ouran: Senpai get out of my house
  • Ouran: Senpai stop following me
  • Ouran: Senpai get out of my face
  • Senpai: Why won't you notice senpai?!?!