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This is a blog full of happiness. Do not make it sad......the owner of this blog enjoys drawing and reading to just name a few but pandora hearts, mortal engines, young avengers, lord of the rings, the hobbit and anything else that takes there fancy will be posted here................

So delicate Flowergirls by Lim Zhi Wei / Love Limzy, Malaysian artist.

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[3/5] Non-Human characters: Kyubey
         "In our culture, the phenomena known as emotion is considered a mental disorder."

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Be happy for no reason, like a child. If you are happy for a reason, you’re in trouble, because that reason can be taken from you.

Deepak Chopra

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people need to understand that some people just don’t like talking it has nothing to do with u so don’t take it personally like some people just aren’t talkers and they’ll probably never text u first or initiate a conversation and it’s not because they don’t like u it’s just that they don’t think to say anything bc they’re comfortable with not saying anything

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Characters in Evangelion

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Tuesday Tips - FOLDS

More on folds today. I will eventually cover all types of folds but today is about simple folds on everyday clothes (t-shirt, jeans). The key is to know what to expect and then applying what you know to simplify what you see in front of you (when life drawing). A lot of the folds dynamics on shirts and jeans come from the “memory” of the fabric itself. Denim is thick and is likely to keep some form of wrinkles or folds around certain areas (knees). A lot of zig-zag patterns around the knee is very likely. When pushed down on the feet, the denim fabric will bunch up and combine with the zig-zag pattern. Shirts and t-shirts will react to the twist and pull of the arms and torso. Identify where the pull (or tension) is coming from and work from it. I tend to draw the seams because they clearly express the volumes underneath.


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Fact: Pansexuals are the children of Pan, many pansexuals are fae-folks and merfolks, while their sister races are also not human. Asexuals are elves and casters, demisexuals are half breeds between the children of man and other mythical creatures, while bisexuals are hybrids of two different types of mythical creatures. 


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smoo told me to draw zutara week stuff so instead i drew some modern au gaang. sorry for my shitty handwriting.

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not over it

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same tamaki, same
same tamaki, same

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reupload b/c image size problems oops. Anyway….ya rei is the best micdrop bye

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Dwarves are heavy.

this is perfection 

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Gosh, look at all of that detail.

those scratches are probably from all the falls he’s had to endure from the many flight suit tests



Gosh, look at all of that detail.

those scratches are probably from all the falls he’s had to endure from the many flight suit tests

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Avatar: The Last Airbender according to The Ember Island Players.

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"Some women are lost in the fire. Some women are built from it."

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